We all have to deal with Upgrades, Movings or Purchases every few years. In most cases they are time consuming yet boring duties with many unexpected surprises like:

  • dealing with strangers

  • unpredictable deliveries and movers

  • not clear prices or discounts on new items

We offer you a unique solution to avoid all these sorts of issues and welcome you to find money saving opportunities as well as an integral solution.

We offer a better logistics named Givingaway Economy where:

  • relocation and moving needs are addressed fully

  • trade-ins, upgrades and purchases are simple and easy

  • used items are given to needy people

  • fair deals are built by consumers themselves with any stores globally

  • verified deliveries are free for the givers and assessed throw bid auctions

So, what future would you choose for yourself? Gadgets searching gadgets or better logistics intelligently running the whole world?

What are the benefits?

You earn double discounts worldwide in exchange for similar used goods given away locally

some facts


Time to sell - 2 months

Value of used items - $1500

Furnishing - $7000

Stores discount - $1400


Truck/Packaging/Movers - $3000 to the closest city

Value of used items - $1500

Furnishing - $7000

Stores discount - $1400


Prices may vary

Used items - 3+ yrs old

Cars - 8+ yrs old. New price - trade in value

Bed includes mattress


No selling - skipping the time consuming selling procedure

Teleportation - transferring value of used items through continents

Givingaway® Economy - generates extra value by saving time and money


rewards people if they give away used goods and purchase similar new ones at local/online stores